YOU have a 33% CHANCE to get $100 gift card! (I think, so far) #screenwriting

So I created this short Screenwriter Survey with the goal of getting a better idea of where screenwriter’s heads are at in their journey.

I think both my blog readers did the survey, which is AWESOME! You guys are pioneers with BALLS or some other staunch organs.

But that was too few, so I decided to put up $100 Amazon gift card issued randomly.

I’m unemployed, so that’s a LOT of money (to me). My wife would kill me if she knew I was doing this – because it’s stupid, just like most things I do. She never really understood my chess fanatic period, where I bought like 20 books to figure out how to beat my cousin. I even CHEATED (slightly) and I still lost.

But now I have 6 RESPONSES!! More BALLS! Or vaginas, or whatever. You get it.

But I think only two people told me they took the survey, so the next taker has a 1 in 3 odds of winning right now.

Maybe I’ll close down the survey. If no one else wants $100 bucks I guess…

If you wouldn’t mind clicking this Screenwriter Survey link and taking a minute or so to complete it, I’ll be happy to share those results here with anyone who is interested. Hopefully the results will help target specific areas where people really want to focus to get to the next level in their screenplay writing.

Thank you!



“The Screenwriting Voodoo Survey” #screenwriting

Dan Screenwriter Special Report…

“The Screenwriting Voodoo Survey”

How To Make Your Ideas, Pitches, And Screenplays

FAR More Valuable Using “Magic” Idea-Creating

Techniques That Haven’t Been Shared Before –

That You Can Use Immediately To Write Screenplays…

Dear Friend,

I hope what I’m about to say doesn’t “weird you out” too much…

I’m going to list a few words in just a moment. I want you to tell me what comes to mind when you hear them.

Don’t over-think this. Just notice the FIRST thing that comes to mind when you hear them…

Here they are:

Voodoo… Witchcraft… Magic… Sorcery… Alchemy!

…OK, so what kind of images come to mind when you read those words? And what did you feel when you heard them?

Did you have a sense of something mysterious or fascinating? Or maybe something a little bit DANGEROUS?

Well, I intentionally used words to create a bit of a “strange factor,” because I wanted to get your attention.

Now, I’m not REALLY going to show you some “witchcraft and voodoo” (sorry, never got around to learning any black magic). But what I’m going to show you may be close enough. And it will be much more valuable to you.

How The Word “Alchemy” Can Make You
Serious Money When You Take The


Now you might have noticed that the LAST word in that series of “shockers” was the word “Alchemy.”

Have you heard that word before? It’s kind of a strange word.

But it’s also kind of a COOL word. It’s cool because it means something that’s hard to describe with a simple term… and the thing it means can change your success and your life.

When most people hear the word Alchemy, they think of a mad scientist from the Middle Ages trying to turn lead into gold… or a sorcerer standing over a pot of boiling “witches brew” of some kind.

When I think of alchemy, I think of the Screenwriting Voodoo Survey. It’s an interesting survey and it could potentially make someone a lot of money with the information it contains.

It will help you become successful.

This survey uses the concept of “Screenwriting Alchemy” – which is simply the idea that as we run out of ideas, people come up with NEW ideas – and how to use old ideas in much better ways.

Here’s an example:

In years past, there was a huge fear that we wouldn’t be able to come up with any good ideas for writing screenplays, and the time we wasted would expand to the point where we would run out of food and our spouses would leave us.



Smart, resourceful writers and instructors figured out how to come up with the same amount of screenwriting ideas in a fraction of the time. I read one estimate that we can now write as much as thirty TIMES as many screenplays in the same time compared to just a hundred years ago.

Think about that – THIRTY TIMES as many screenplays, in the same amount of time. That’s almost unbelievable.

And the good news is: No getting kicked out on the street for not paying rent (at least for those of us enlightened ones).

Now, I’m not saying that all your screenwriting problems are solved, or that everyone will write a great screenplay. But this recent example of “Alchemy” changed everything.

Or how about electricity?

Or the home computer?

Or the telephone?

All are creative ways and new ways of using the resources that are right here around us… for the improvement of everyone.

It wasn’t that long ago that NO one thought that every person would want a computer (never mind a bunch of them, including computers in our cars, phones, and even kitchen appliances).

How do we have them in all these places?

Innovative “Technical Alchemists” are making them smaller, faster, and cheaper every day.

So What Does This Have To Do With
You Making More Money Writing
Movies and Screenplays?

Glad you asked…

Here’s my take: Most things in life cannot be “transmuted” into more valuable states very easily. They can’t be changed from one state to another… from one value to another.

It’s not that easy to turn one dollar into two.

Or what about turning a seed into a plant? Hard work.

But screenplays. Ah, screenplays.

Screenplays are one of the FEW things that can be made FAR more valuable – with an amazingly small amount of time, effort, and energy.

The way screenplays are written makes all the difference. Write it one way, and no one wants it. Write it a different way, and people will pick up guns, head for the voting booths, or take out their wallets.

Here’s the most important lesson you’ll learn in writing screenplays:

How You Write It Matters!

By writing something a slightly different way, you can TRANSMUTE the value from very low… to very HIGH.

You may not be able to turn lead into gold easily, but you can turn your ideas into MONEY easily, if you understand this approach.

By the way, you can (and should) use this approach I’m about to teach you with your SCREENWRITING. It’s one of the best places, in fact.

To sum up: There are very few places in life you can get more money back without putting more money in, or get more value without having to put a lot of resources in. VERY few.

But there ARE places you can do this, and I am personally FASCINATED with finding these places, methods, and opportunities.

Let me share a few of my favorite ways to do it that I’ve discovered.

It’s taken me many years to find these, identify them, and create systems that I can teach them to you quickly and easily. Please respect the time and effort it has taken me to find them…


These Are WEAPONS – Use Them
With Extreme Caution…

This information is “Jedi-Level” training. It’s Ninja stuff.

In reality, what I’m about to teach you is a set of dangerous weapons.

The interesting thing about these weapons is that they’re GOOD weapons.They are powerful tools that you can use to cut straight through and connect with filmmakers… and show them just how valuable your story ideas and screenplays are.

Please use them for the good that they’re intended, and not to trick or steal from another person…

Each of these techniques has made me a LOT of money. If you use them when writing your own screenplays, I believe that you can make a lot of money, too.

If you use them for “evil” I will find you, and take away your Screenwriting Jedi certification!

OK, let’s roll!

Which of these two movie titles sells more tickets…

Movie #1: “A Thinking Person’s Step by Step Guide to Weight Loss and Exercise”

Movie #2: “Skinny Bitch”

A Thinking Person’s Step by Step Guide to Weight Loss and Exercise was written by two screenwriters with Ph.D.s and based on empirical research by guys with doctorate degrees.

Skinny Bitch was written by an ex-model and an ex-modeling agent (if that’s how you say it).

Time’s up. Which one sells more?

Well, according to IMDB.COM, A Thinking Person’s Step by Step Guide to Weight Loss and Exercise is the #437,317th top grossing movie of all time, whereas Skinny Bitch comes in at #56.

My question for you is…


Why do people who have no fancy doctorate degrees, no previous fame, and no “talent” behind their ideas sell enough tickets to get rich… while the “experts” fall to #437,317?

And the heart-breaker is that the Ph.D.s probably spent YEARS of their life working on their screenplay. Do you think anyone is going to watch it?


Here’s a kicker for you: The Skinny Bitch gals just released a follow-up: Skinny Bitch In The Kitch.

A movie about cooking.

#179 on IMDB as I write this. Not bad.

One of these two pairs of authors is thinking like a MOVIE GOER… and like a MARKETER… and one of them IS NOT.

I’ll leave it to you to do the math.

* Disclaimer: this post is a total bunch of bullshit to get you to take this survey – I wrote by copying Eben Pagan’s “The Voodoo Marketing Report” (which is definitely not bullshit)