How To Write A Movie In 21 Days by Viki King – Part 2


The hero commits irrevocably. In Apocalypse Now, they’re at the Do Long bridge, the border to Cambodia – Kurtz’s territory. After what just happened, we know it’s suicide to go there. Boat Chief says, “Where to, Captain?” Willard says, “You know where to.” Never get out of the boat. Absolutely Goddam right.

This is followed by a quiet scene, a breather form the action. The hero is changing. The bad guys are closing in.

PAGE 75. The hero is about to give up. The lowest of the low. In Apocalypse Now, the Chief is killed with a spear. No one’s getting out alive and we know it. But Chef, the most frightened of the crew, rallies them back on track.

PAGE 90. Act III. Something educates the hero. They arrive at Kurtz’s camp. He realizes that by confronting Kurtz, he must confront himself. To carry out his mission, he must become Kurtz.

PAGES 90-120. Climax/resolution. All or nothing. The final obstacle. He must give up everything. The final traces of his own humanity. He slaughters Kurtz. He becomes the new God. The natives bow down to him.

PAGE 120. THE END. The air strike annihilates everything. The jungle goes up in napalm orange. The horror. Apocalypse Now.



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