FAST Screenplay System – First Glance

So there’s this screenwriting web site/product called FAST Screenplay. @FASTscreenplay

I signed up for the free 10 day trial. It appears to be a system where every day, you get to complete an action step toward writing your screenplay. The first step that I received was around envisioning the ending of your screenplay. Which makes sense.

This is a very “slick” system – it’s well designed and well produced. The videos have an almost motivational speaker like feel to them, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

As you can only see one “step” per day, I can’t quite envision what the entire process looks like at this point (the videos provide a general overview). I saw a screen where you could apparently pay $99 per month for access, or a one-time special fee of $799 for the entire system all at once (I think, check the web site to be sure).

I think someone would have to weigh in who’s used this system for a while, but if you like the idea and want to try the free 10-day trial, it’s certainly worth a go.


5 thoughts on “FAST Screenplay System – First Glance

  1. While I’m certainly not going to badmouth fastscreenplay, I would caution against spending that kind of money without having anything to show for it other than the promise of a completed screenplay. If you want to spend money, first write your screenplay, then pay any number of qualified, working screenwriters to give you coverage. If it’s motivation you want, then either get yourself a writers group or sit your ass in the chair and write. Plus, there are plenty of workbooks out there, like Syd Field’s, who I would trust more than a website, which claim that you’ll have a finished screenplay by the time you finish the book.

  2. Thanks Danny. I’m going to kind of agree with you in that there are less expensive options for writing a screenplay. On the other hand, writing a screenplay is really, really hard, so any system that actually helps might be worth it. I don’t know enough about this system to say, but I’ll probably be a bit skeptical until I hear from people who have used this system.

  3. We do runa writers group in our area. It’s free and open to anyone who wants to attend. I have an MFA in screenwriting and another member teaches screenwriting at a local university. It’s a lot of fun. We do table reads and workshop each others screenplays.

  4. Can you believe this is the first time I Googled “FAST Screenplay”? Since this result comes up, I wanted to chime in — even though I’m very late to the party.

    FAST is not about just “writing a screenplay”. FAST is about completing the entire process, from idea to the SALE and developing the skills producers need PRO screenwriters to have (which I’m afraid you can’t learn from a book). I reverse-engineered the entire process, which breaks down into 7 comprehensive phases. It’s not just about writing the screenplay — there are hundreds of thousands of (unusable, unsellable) screenplays sitting on home bookshelves right now. Screenplays exist to be turned INTO movies, and that means you also need to ALIGN and CONNECT with the project’s ideal producer. And THAT is what the system walks you through.

    The first poster (Danny K) says he wouldn’t trust a website, but why not, exactly? It’s interactive, and you can get personal help. Plus, I present from the producer’s perspective — as someone who spent 15 years sifting through submissions, looking for material to produce. I respond to email, and I’m here to help the writer through every step (which takes 8-12 months, so I would hardly call our price “expensive”).

    The bottom line is that yes, you can follow a workbook and write a script by the time you’re done. But can producers really use carbon copy paint-by-numbers scripts? (I certainly can’t.) My system was built to guide you through the PROCESS, and help you find your own unique voice, and turn it into screenplays producers can actually use.

    I don’t mean this to be self-promotional… just trying to set the record straight here a little. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. Check out our YouTube channel (fastscreenplay) and give me a holler. To date, every writer who has completed the system has achieved pro results (films made, scripts sold and optioned, rewriting assignments, contest winners, etc). I can’t help people who quit halfway through, but if you go all the way, I guarantee success. Hope this helps to clarify, for posterity. 😉 Good luck with your writing!

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